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The 1940 US Census has been released.  (They’re kept confidential for 72 years.)  And it’s all online for you to browse.

Check out who lived in your house in 1940 (if your house is that old).  You can see names, ages, jobs, education, income, etc.  Pretty cool.

Search the 1940 Census


  1. On the 1940 Census Search page, input your state and county, and submit your search.
  2. In the search results, under Descriptions, view the description for your area.  Note the ‘Enumeration District’ in which your home is located.  For example, “ED 10-6.”
  3. Close out of the Description viewer and return to the search results.  Select Census Schedules.
  4. Under Census Schedules, select your local schedule according to the Enumeration District you noted in Step 2.
  5. Unless you’re using a very large screen, the Census Schedule viewer is annoying.  So in the viewer, select Download (option All Images) to download your local census schedule.  Unzip the schedule, and view it however you normally like to view images.
  6. Each image is a page of your local Census Schedule.  Scan down the left-hand side of the pages, Columns 1 and 2, to find your street and house number.  Then read across the page to learn all about the people who lived in your house.